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Power Supplies   Most RDL products do not come with power supplies. Please refer to the link below to help calculate the total power requirements of your RDL product. The same link will also suggest power supplies that may work for your configuration.
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Audio - Processing
Model Description Pricing
Automatic Level Control, mono, +4 dBu balanced
List: $363.62
Automatic Level Control, Stereo, -10 dBV phono in/out
List: $404.69
3 Band Parametric EQ, mono (+4 dBu & -10 dBV phono in/out)
List: $442.98
Audio Delay, 0 to 135 mS (1 Input and 2 Outputs on XLR and terminal block, Line level)
List: $784.84
3 Band Equalizer (Front panel controls)
List: $288.55
Format A to Network Interface - 1 Format A, 1 Balanced Line Aux Inputs - Dante Output
List: $747.95
Format A to Network Interface - 1 Format A, 1 Balanced Line Aux Inputs - Dante Output - with PoE
List: $827.78
Compressor/Limiter (1 line level input/output; order 2 units for stereo)
List: $238.69
3 Band Equalizer (Line level in/out)
List: $158.02
Gain Control Amplifier, Switchable Fast/Slow (1 line input; 1 microphone & 1 line output)
List: $206.77
Gated Line Amplifier (1 line input/output; self gating)
List: $197.15
Gated Speech Preamplifier (1 mic input / 1 line output; speech activated gating)
List: $212.22
Loudness Equalizer (Line input/output; use with RU or ST series VCAs)
List: $132.82
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